Shakwe Update No 6 Horta to Belfast

Sun 2 Sep 2012 12:07
As at 1200 hours UTC  2 September
Position: N46 40 10     W019 40 75                                    Distance run over 24 hours: 95 NM
Had an easy day and night with no attempt to keep up the mileage. Jim and I both pretty tired. Jim has had a little more sleep than I but last night and this am I slept for a combined 8 hours. More than I've had for the previous 5 days!
The high we're on is now declining so we're back to engine again. As the seal is still leaking all I can do is keep an eye on it every half hour and hope for the best.
Had another new problem yesterday - the starter motor wouldn't! Jim did sterling work in a confined space to remove it from the engine and swap over the starter solenoid from the previous starter. I don't like yanmar any more as everything seems to break!!!
If you're wondering why things might change in  the next couple of hours after writing this. I only go online once a day and send my stuff first and then receive anything including today's weather gribs.#
Oul Grumpy Jim and Happy (almost) Jim