21:08s 175:11w

Mon 25 Jun 2012 21:20
Well we have made it safely to Tonga, cleared in yesterday afternoon good thing Michelle had baked a cake as those Tongan officials were hungry. Very low key procedures no stress no hassles maybe Australia and New Zealand Customs should come and find out how to treat sleep deprived yachties.  Had a Celebratory bottle of bubbly  then everyone fell into a coma like sleep occasionally roused by Brass bands at 0300 and random choir practices. Overall it was really cool. Going into the big smoke today (literally as everyone has a fire going) to check out a festival and get the lay of the land.
Landlubbers, landlubbers, landlubbers .... over and out.
Citrus Tart to Tonga featured
Steve (Skipper)
Michelle (Crew and eye candy)
Klause (The Klausinator)