27:21s 176:59e

Sun 18 Nov 2012 18:22
We have had a couple of very quiet days with light winds making good about 80nm. I wouldn’t have thought seeing 3 knots boat speed would be cause for celebration, but when you have been doing 1-1.5 you start looking for handholds. Michelle started us on a baked bean and brussell sprout diet and we took turns sitting on the transom to improve the boat speed (the sulphur smell we put down to the pumice raft).
So far the trip has been very good with little stress, it’s hard to believe we are in the middle of the ocean as at times it has been like being tide to a dock, we had a bottle of wine on the front tramp last night as the sun slowly set. Really can’t complain as it is magic out here.
This morning the wind kicked in about 0530 and has built to 6-8 knots.
our pos 27.20s; 177.0e sea calm wind 8 knots 50% scattered cloud cover.