34:18s 175:29e

Thu 22 Nov 2012 19:48
We are still going, were becalmed on Wednesday night 22/11. Had a NE kick in about 10:00 Thursday and rode that through the day and into the night, quite strange with the fogbanks coming and going. Last night at 01:30 there was a wall of cloud dead straight running pretty much east-west as far as I could see, so we were heading down into it to at 90 degrees and I had a odd feeling that something wasn’t right. Well we went from a NE of 6 to a 35 knot SE with horizontal sheeting rain. I went to stop the boat thinking best to park for a bit and let this subside, main down jib stowed boat slips of the back of a wave and our steering broke. No way to fix it with the sea state as it was so we drifted all night. I Magyvered it this morning with bits of string and we are back sailing.