Catching up on older posts...Grenada

Sat 2 Apr 2016 12:48
February 15, 2015
Grenada: We anchored off St George’s at first, along with El Mundo, but the holding isn't the best and we had to be careful not to drag. Had a lovely day at the beach with Alex and the kids, Catherine, Pavel and James. Alex and I had lunch from Umbrella restaurant and several Pina Coladas. Made it into Port Louis marina. Excellent facility with a pool and some great restaurants, a bakery, a spa. Mom and Dad arrived on February 1, and dad made it onto Rubicon. We had a great reunion, and had a pool day and a beach day,and we celebrated Catherine's 9th birthday at the Sushi restaurant onsite. However, Dad walked from the boat to the pool without shoes on and severely burned the the soles of his feet. He had to spend the rest of the holiday in bed, and we were all very worried about him for the rest of their time with us. Despite that, Mom and I were able to go with the kids, along with Alex and James from El Mundo on an island tour. We saw a chocolate factory, passed the last remaining nutmeg factory, and went swimming at a waterfall, where the kids were jumping into the water from about 6 feet high! Had a great roti for lunch, and saw fisherman on the coast selling their freshly caught fish by the side of the road. It was so wonderful to see them after such a long time. FaceTime makes it easier, but there is nothing like getting a hug from your mom!