Sun 4 Oct 2015 08:00
We arrived in Gib on Sept 27 after a motor from Cartagena. All was going well until we realized the tides were against us for part of the trip. We haven't dealt with too much of that since we arrived in the med but thankfully we were able to get into Queensway Marina before it closed for the night. If you get here too late then you are out of luck until morning!

Stocked up on meat for 6 months! Vlad very keen to make sure we are set for the Caribbean as often hard to get steak and pork there.

The kids relaxed and we went out on a few dates! Pavel was very into it, helping us find a table and asking for the "drinks" menu. Went to playground and got a few new toys. We met 3 other boats here that are Discovery yachts do did a bit of socializing which was a lot if fun. Kids were very well behaved and Pavel now refers to them all as his new friends.

Off to Canaries today.