Fri 26 Jun 2015 07:33
42:25N 18:45E
We anchored off of the town of Kotor yesterday. Took it easy. Dinner on board and a movie night. Rousing the children and will dingy over to the town after they have their breakfast. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and I can see why. It is a walled city with walls surrounding Kotor that are on the mountain in the back town 1350 m above the place at their peak.
Picking the right place to anchor was interesting but eventually at about 7 30 pm we moved to a better spot after all the local boats returned after work and we realized that we needed to move as we didnt have as much space as we thought we had! We dragged a bit after the wind turned 180 degrees but now we are nicely dug in again.
The scenery here is spectacular. Mountains rise up dramatically from the waters edge. There are numerous small villages all along the shore with tan houses and orange roofs. I am not sure we will find another place with such dramatic scenery elsewhere.