440 NM to go to Lizard

Mon 24 Jun 2019 12:15
1305 BST 440 NM to go to Lizard

Sun out snd on a beam reach with spinnaker flying. Exciting morning: Iridium text from Lani this morning to say we were in first place - neck snd neck with Mark Slats and Susie Goodall on Ophen Maverick - which cheered us up and was surprising more than anything. We’ve been making decent speeds with the spinnaker but unfortunately our new spinnaker halyard just blew and kite ended up in the sea. Mark. Managed to dash forward and recover it and we’ve now got it flying again using our old spinnaker halyard - only around 5 minutes delay which we’re happy with. Repairs mounting :-(

Delicious omelettes cooked by Mark this morning and I’m about to do hot dogs for lunch and then we have a lasagne for dinner.

We’re expecting the champagne conditions to end soon and face a beat into very strong easterlies for the last few days.

All the best Rory and Mark