The Night Before the Morning After

Rich's 2019 ARC Blog
Richard Hurd
Sat 23 Nov 2019 22:14
28°7′55″ N  15°25′52″ W
⛵️ The ARC is about to start. The last couple of days can only be described as a whirlwind - our yacht Xplorer has had to pull out of the race as the skipper is injured. After a mad 2 days trying to find a new ride, my fellow crew member Dan and I have found a racing yacht called Fireball. She’s a First 40.7 and her skipper is Chris who is fuelled by rum. It going to be a fast and furious ride with 8 of us on board. Exciting and a little trepidation, and really not what I expected. The racing class start at noon and you can track us on the WCC ARC fleet tracker and Fireball will be doing a regular update on social media. Search for Anarchy Sailing UK ( on Facebook and hopefully you’ll find out how we’re getting on in the big blue. The race is on - was planning on a pipe & skipper type Atlantic crossing on Xplorer - now it’s a race across with the crazy gang. Living the dream🥴. Love and light to all. Rich xx

PS - due to the change of boats, I’m not sure if I can connect to this blog, so check this or try Facebook. Paula is on a WhatsApp group so may also be able to send out updates too.