Night Time again

Rich's 2019 ARC Blog
Richard Hurd
Fri 11 Oct 2019 19:34
Into our 3rd night aboard Xplorer and at 2000 this evening we hit our midway point, 350 miles done with 350 to go. We’re about 70 or 80 miles off the coast of Morocco and there is now very few ships to be seen.

This afternoon we had a pod of dolphins join us at the bow, just having fun and turning on their sides, eyeballing us humans watching them. After 5 mins or so, they had had fun and off they went on their journey.

As night was falling, I’m sure I saw 2 small whales just slowly rising and then diving beneath us. It was only a glimpse, so I can’t be sure, but they were far too big for more dolphins and very slow moving.

So we’re now settling into our night watch routine , 2 hours on and 4 off. David is on now from 2100 to 2300, then Peter until 0100 and then I’m back up. Luckily there is a very bright moon so it is lovely on deck. However sadly no wind, so it’s engine on all of the day. The latest forecast says similar tomorrow but then the NE trade winds will stat to kick in and hopefully we can get some sailing in and get to grips with all the toys Xplorer has to offer.

Well it’s lights out now so will try to send another update tomorrow. Sad to hear the rugby match against the French is off.

Love & light to all. Rich X

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