A good breeze and the anticipartion of landfall

Steve Salter
Mon 23 Jul 2018 09:32
58:48.78N 04:29.47E
Last night was spent motoring through a windless and empty sea, with little or no traffic around. There was a swell behind us that made thins less comfortable than it should be. With no sails up the boat rocked, port to starboard a great deal.
 This morning there is a big change. at around 07:30 BST the wind started to freshen and by 08:15 BST we had bpth sails up and the engine on. sailing hard into the wind at 5.5kts. The wind freshened slightly, this time to over 15kts, so rolled the Genoa in 1 reef.
AT 10:30 we are sailing along at 6kts, with around 30 to 35nm left to go. So we should be alongside in 6 to 6 1/2 Hours. Hoping to see land sooner (3 - 4 hours maybe?)