Dolphins; oil platforms and Norway;

Steve Salter
Sun 22 Jul 2018 16:18
58:28.32N 01:32.39E
Entered Norwegian waters at exactly 5pm 
The overcast day continued until about 4pm. Light winds had us trying different tacks and sailing most of the day with the cruising chute up, until light winds forced us to switch the Engine on again at 14:30,then taking the mainsail down and setting the Genoa, to provide us some stability and a little extra speed.
Seas getting progressively lumpier, meaning a little more care needed to move around. Still not to bad though as it's to continue until tomorrow.
Lots and lots of Dolphins today. If we go up forward and call to them and whistle, they stay for a long time. If we ignore them, they quickly head away.