Pago Pago to Christmas Island, Kiribati

Around the World 2007
Norm & Lec
Thu 15 Nov 2007 20:42
We have arrived at the most primative stop on our trip so far.   Christmas Island, Kiribati.  
The flight from Pago Pago is 1276 nm taking about 8 hours.  It was quite different than our previous Pacific legs as there are no island, no reefs - nothing but deep blue sea.  It was amazing to be talking to San Francisco on the HF radio - clear as a bell - from over 3000 miles out.
Staying at the Captain Cook Hotel is "different" - quite run down but the people are very nice and helpful.  We are now off to buy the most expensive avgas in the world.   $4.65 Australian per liter.   We need 400 liters and I don't want to do the mathematics on that.........
Next will be Honolulu, Hawaii