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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Dec 2007
Tue 04 Dec 13:50 Completion of our RTW Trip - Boundary Bay, Vancouver 49:16.00N 123:07.00W
Sun 02 Dec 06:49 Honolulu to Merced, California 37:17.00N 120:30.00W
Nov 2007
Sun 18 Nov 08:12 Christmas Island to Honolulu, Hawaii 21:19.00N 157:55.00W
Thu 15 Nov 20:42 Pago Pago to Christmas Island, Kiribati 1:59.00N 157:21.00W
Mon 12 Nov 21:11 Nadi to Pago Pago, American Samoa 14:20.00S 170:43.00W
Tue 06 Nov 05:54 Port Vila to Nadi, Fiji 17:46.00S 177:27.00E
Sat 03 Nov 00:28 Port Vila to Santo, Vanuatu 15:30.00S 167:12.00E
Oct 2007
Wed 31 Oct 09:14 Cairns to Vanuatu 17:42.00S 168:20.00E
Wed 24 Oct 08:25 Darwin to Cairns, Australia 16:52.00S 145:45.00E
Fri 19 Oct 10:57 Bali to Darwin, Australia 12:24.00S 130:52.00E
Tue 16 Oct 10:21 Singapore to Bali, Indonesia 8:39.00S 115:13.00E
Mon 15 Oct 16:54 Bangkok to Seletar, Singapore 1:25.20N 103:52.00E
Sep 2007
Thu 27 Sep 13:38 Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Thailand 13:45.00N 100:30.00E
Wed 26 Sep 14:48 Patna, India to Chiang Mai, Thailand 18:46.00N 98:58.00E
Tue 25 Sep 16:12 Karachi, Pakistan to Patna, India 25:35.00N 85:06.00E
Mon 24 Sep 11:57 Muscat, Oman to Karachi, Pakistan 24:54.00N 67:10.00E
Fri 21 Sep 18:04 Luxor, Egypt to Muscat, Oman 23:36.00N 58:17.00E
Tue 18 Sep 19:00 Sitia, Crete to Luxor, Egypt 25:41.00N 32:43.00E
Fri 14 Sep 20:15 Dubrovnik to Sitia, Crete 35:13.00N 26:06.00E
Tue 11 Sep 16:22 Bern to Dubrovnik, Croatia 42:34.00N 18:16.00E
Sun 02 Sep 21:01 Hassfurt to Bern, Switzerland 46:54.00N 7:30.00E
Aug 2007
Wed 29 Aug 18:19 Denmark to Hassfurt, Germany 50:00.00N 10:50.00E
Sun 26 Aug 15:54 Visby to Kolding, Denmark 55:26.00N 9:20.00E
Sat 25 Aug 18:28 Siljan Airpark to Visby, Sweden 57:45.00N 18:20.00E
Fri 24 Aug 12:50 Stockholm to Siljansnas, Sweden 60:78.00N 14:85.00E
Wed 22 Aug 22:49 Wick to Stockholm, Sweden 59:00.00N 17:00.00E
Sat 18 Aug 15:00 Reykjavik to Wick, Scotland 58:27.00N 3:05.00W
Wed 15 Aug 12:36 Goose Bay to Reykjavik, Iceland 64:08.00N 21:57.00W
Tue 14 Aug 23:17 Toronto to Goose Bay, Labrador 53:19.00N 60:25.00W
Wed 08 Aug 01:39 Debert to Toronto, Ontario 43:51.00N 79:22.00W
Jul 2007
Sun 29 Jul 23:14 St. John's to Debert, Nova Scotia 45:25.00N 63:27.00W
Fri 27 Jul 20:51 Deer Lake to St. John's, Newfoundland 47:37.00N 52:45.00W
Mon 23 Jul 02:11 Deer Lake, Newfoundland 49:12.00N 57:23.00W
Thu 19 Jul 02:21 Debert Nova Scotia 45:25.00N 63:27.00W
Tue 17 Jul 12:22 Somerset, New Jersey 40:37.00N 74:40.00W
Sun 01 Jul 00:04 Muskoka & Toronto, Ontario 43:51.00N 79:26.00W
Jun 2007
Mon 25 Jun 10:58 Thunder Bay Ontario 48:23.00N 89:19.00W
Fri 22 Jun 11:03 Portage la Prairie, Manitoba 49:54.00N 98:16.00W
Tue 12 Jun 11:03 Kelowna, British Columbia 49:52.00N 119:34.00W
Sat 09 Jun 11:04 Whitehorse, Yukon 60:42.00N 135:04.00W
May 2007
Tue 29 May 23:48 Anchorage, Alaska 61:13.00N 149:54.00W
Mon 28 May 23:48 Juneau, Alaska 58:18.00N 134:25.00W
Mon 14 May 23:48 Vancouver, British Columbia 49:16.00N 123:07.00W
Fri 04 May 23:49 Kelowna, British Columbia 49:53.00N 119:29.00W
Thu 03 May 23:49 Troutdale, Oregon 45:31.00N 122:41.00W