Cairns to Vanuatu

Around the World 2007
Norm & Lec
Wed 31 Oct 2007 09:14
Today we made our way from Australia over to the Vanuatu Islands.   This was a long trip  - more than 1300nm.   The first 500 miles were into a 25knot headwind - straight into it.   We expected this to be temporary as the wind forecasts showed the wind would circle around us and mid way start to help....but what frustration it was looking at less than 140knot ground speeds.  I guess we have been spoiled!!!!
Anyway the winds did turn and gradually started pushing making the second quicker.  But a 9 hour flight is a long time to be in a small airplane with nothing but water to look at 17,000' below.
Our initial impressions of Vanuatu are wonderful.  We had a gang of 10 people meet the airplane; all interested in what we were doing and how could we fly from Australia non stop?  The formalities were dealt with in minutes and the airport manager gave us a lift to the hotel. 
We are looking forward to visiting some of the outer islands and getting to know more about Vanuatu.