2 Dec - Busy busy

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Thu 2 Dec 2010 12:05
It sounds as though our cancellation of 1st December worked well as we didn't get any of the chilly weather currently being experienced back home in the UK. No snow here ... it's HOT! We've had a good 24 hours sailing and currently have the spinnaker up in 12 knots of easterly wind. Excellent! We have seen a few ships and yachts but that's a relative term with one or two a day.
Our night watches have been good fun since so far from land there is no light pollution and shooting stars can be counted at 5 or 10 an hour.
Philip has been making bread under Colin's tuition, Mark is learning spinnaker trimming from Chris and Andy has got up for a few minutes. Ben is working on more sun sights. It's all been very busy.
Having canceled 1st December, more by accident than design, and having 31st November instead ... we are contemplating having a public holiday in a few days time. We cannot quite decide when this will be and it may not happen at all as we cannot work out what the impact of such a public holiday would be. Maybe Andy works on public holidays as it's double pay?

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