14 December- Do not open at sea

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Tue 14 Dec 2010 13:11
14:05.252N 59:54.241W
{GMST}14|05.252|N|059|54.310|W|Do not open at sea|Do not open at sea{GEND}
60 miles to go.
Anyone who has been on a yacht will have seen the signs saying "do not open at sea" beside hatch and window openings. All of us on the ARC will have been doing this of course as it is taught that waves can come in and flood the boat or at the very least spoil your day. Well ... we have proof that it is not water but in fact fish that are to be feared. Last night Mark went to bed in his usual position on the saloon berth and ... shock revelation ... left the hatch above him open. Within seconds a beast from the deep (a flying fish) took advantage of the opening to effect an entry into the boat and a deflection off the hatch to land on an unsuspecting Mark. As on his previous encounter with a flying fish Mark remain fully composed and Ben ejected the beast back to it's more usual environment. Ben decided that he had already had enough to eat so turning the fish into sushi was simply too much effort!
60 miles to go so it's just a cross channel trip to go now. We should arrive in the evening tonight or early morning. Philip is still trying to triple count the 4 hours time difference so that we arrive before we left. 
Andy had his bi-annual wash yesterday. It was a little assisted by the rest of us depositing his washing on his sarong (a towel) whilst he was wearing it. This was quickly followed by a salt water rinse. There are threats of Andy walking the plank when we arrive in St. Lucia -  this may follow the "kissing the ground" ceremony.

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