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Date Subject Position
Apr 2017
Sat 22 Apr 11:46 Hamilton, Bermuda 32:17.40N 64:47.57W
Tue 18 Apr 10:28 FW: Monday 17th April - It's not a Hughes' Birthday
Tue 18 Apr 09:45 RE: Monday 17th April - It's not a Hughes' Birthday
Tue 18 Apr 09:02 RE: Monday 17th April - It's not a Hughes' Birthday
Mon 17 Apr 17:19 Monday 17th April - It's not a Hughes' Birthday 29:42.52N 73:39.04W
Sun 16 Apr 17:44 We are out there 28:10.11N 76:00.20W
Fri 14 Apr 20:31 We are two miles nearer to Bermuda.... 25:30.82N 76:47.14W
Thu 13 Apr 21:46 Goodbye Nassau 25:30.14N 76:51.60W
Sat 08 Apr 11:08 Getting ready for the OFF 25:07.50N 77:03.20W
Feb 2017
Sun 19 Feb 00:03 Conception Island Paradise 23:51.18N 75:07.40W
Wed 01 Feb 18:14 How blue can the sea be? 21:81.98N 72:15.00W
Wed 01 Feb 18:04 Getting ready to go the Bahamas 21:81.98N 72:15.00W
Dec 2014
Tue 16 Dec 11:00 Epi-blog 14:04.55N 60:56.89W
Sat 13 Dec 22:32 Job Done - Enough Said 14:04.55N 60:56.89W
Sat 13 Dec 03:28 The Last Sober Blog 14:22.88N 60:17.30W
Fri 12 Dec 14:30 The Sun'll Come Out Tomarrow.. 14:24.88N 58:40.30W
Thu 11 Dec 15:56 LGBT Times 14:56.88N 56:03.60W
Wed 10 Dec 12:07 Apologies for Absence 15:23.88N 53:08.60W
Tue 09 Dec 13:10 Under a Security Blanket 15:37.27N 50:05.60W
Mon 08 Dec 13:51 All under a Gibbous Waning Moon 15:52.45N 47:23.60W
Sun 07 Dec 15:17 Happy Birthday Billy from Another Wide Sargasso Sea 15:47.45N 44:33.60W
Sat 06 Dec 19:12 St Nikolaus Day 15:55.45N 42:13.60W
Fri 05 Dec 17:23 The Mysterious Disappearing Blogs - Is this the One that got away??? 16:47.00N 39:23.80W
Thu 04 Dec 19:33 Climbing up the Rigging, Polishing the Silver, There was ....little else to do. 17:04.08N 37:10.80W
Thu 04 Dec 19:18 Fish at Last, Fish at Last, Thank God Almighty, Fish at Last 16:41.08N 33:31.80W
Tue 02 Dec 19:56 Apologies for Blogging probs...technology a little thin out here 16:58.02N 28:18.80W
Tue 02 Dec 19:37 No more Late Editions 16:58.02N 28:18.80W
Mon 01 Dec 19:56 A Day for the Numbers 16:58.02N 28:18.80W
Nov 2014
Sun 30 Nov 20:06 End of Pit Stop 16:55.20N 26:00.80W
Fri 28 Nov 16:14 It is not all about the Steering 20:25.86N 25:02.70W
Thu 27 Nov 20:15 We are going to where the butter melts...... 23:42.86N 25:22.70W
Wed 26 Nov 21:00 A few that got away 23:51.86N 23:09.70W
Tue 25 Nov 16:51 Alarms That Go Ting-a-ling in the Night 25:17.44N 20:14.30W
Mon 24 Nov 17:24 ARC delinquents 27:14.44N 16:12.30W
Mon 24 Nov 17:24 How to build a Vegetable Rack 28:07.44N 15:25.30W
Fri 21 Nov 08:37 GPS workaround 28:07.44N 15:25.30W
Thu 20 Nov 07:59 Young Gentleman's Wet Rice 28:07.44N 15:25.30W
Wed 19 Nov 09:03 Sudocrem and Caviar 28:07.44N 15:25.30W
Tue 18 Nov 09:04 Escalators 28:07.44N 15:25.30W
Mon 17 Nov 18:18 Corned beef and beans 28:07.44N 15:25.30W
Sun 16 Nov 20:43 Advance party - checking in.... D minus 7 28:07.44N 15:25.30W
Tue 04 Nov 21:51 Silver Sailors - the last leg to the Start 28:08.00N 15:27.00W
Aug 2014
Mon 25 Aug 13:59 Storm Force Ten then 10-up 28:55.00N 13:42.00W
Jul 2014
Mon 28 Jul 13:20 Happy Hour - Sad News 36:08.00N 5:21.00W
Sun 27 Jul 13:05 A last turn to the East 37:00.00N 8:53.00W
Sat 26 Jul 12:47 Fuel consumption 38:42.00N 9:27.00W
Fri 25 Jul 12:35 Cap Finisterre freshener 42:53.00N 9:24.00W
Thu 24 Jul 12:27 Getting the hang of Tapas 48:25.00N 5:07.00W
Tue 22 Jul 12:17 St Peter Port at speed 49:27.00N 2:32.00W
Mon 21 Jul 12:10 50:45.00N 001:31.00W 50:45.00N 1:31.00W
Thu 10 Jul 15:42 The end of the beginning, commissioning nearly over:
Sat 05 Jul 11:59 50:45.23N 001:17.53W 50:45.23N 1:17.53W