ETA in Falmouth Tuesday am!

Sat 23 Jun 2007 15:23
Our software and weataher forecasting is predicting we will get into Falmouth Tue am. Winds are generally looking farvourable.
In our class, Musk Ox who are in the lead by 90 mins from us (outward journey) are looking quite hot still. We need to get further ahead of them. We need to beat them by 10%, thats 100 miles - best scenario for us is for the wind to go light for them after we have finished!................  but this does not look like happening. Jacana, the wily fox who stays hidden, are always a threat as we havent a clue where they are. We pulled away from them quite quickly at the start though. But we beat them by 6 hours on the way out, so they have some catching up to do.
Of course, we may have failures or damage. Our reaching spinnakre, bless it, has taken a hammering and could let go at any moment.
Our main halyard got v frayed at the top, so in a calm I took the sail down and recut the ent. But this could happen again.
We still have battery charging issues and so arent using our nav lights unless we see another vessel.
So theres lots to play for in the last few days.
Best regards