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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jun 2007
Sat 23 Jun 15:23 ETA in Falmouth Tuesday am!
Thu 21 Jun 14:15 Jellina sail back 41 26.85n 21 53.84W 41:26.85N 21:53.84W
Wed 06 Jun 09:26 Wed update Jellina 43:12.00N 17:51.00W
Mon 04 Jun 17:17 Sunny b ut hard work 46:24.73N 13:20.63W 46:24.73N 13:20.63W
Mon 04 Jun 13:14 In the race! posn 46:48.47N 12:56.36W 46:48.47N 12:56.36W
Sat 02 Jun 09:31 Ahh... we are off soon
May 2007
Mon 28 May 19:34 Positition 50:09.1N 05:03.7W 50:09.10N 5:03.70W
Mon 28 May 19:21 Sail Brighton to Falmouth
Thu 24 May 20:14 First blog entry