Sail Brighton to Falmouth

Mon 28 May 2007 19:21
We sailed the 200 nautical miles from Brighton to Falmouth non stop in about 28 hours - wind was quite favourable to us - beautiful views as we went south of Island close in to Ventnor and St Catherines Point. Very cold though overnight.
Lucky we got in on Saturday as a huge storm came in on Sat night, which shredded the sails of another competitor, forcing them out of the race.
So far, 18 out of the 70 entrants have retired - and the race hasnt even started yet!
Debs hurt herself quite badly when we moored up at Falmouth - but its hopefully only bruising and we are keeping our fingers crossed she will be ok for the race.
The boat laptop has been playing up, but I have now taken control of it - phew - much loss of hair.
Registration is completed and the battle flag has been hoisted.
Weather for the start on Sat looks rather unfavourable - v windy and the wind is against us!  I better stock up with sea sick pills.