Great garden party in Nordfold - except for a broken leg!

Honey Mooney HB-DVN
Flemming and Angela PEDERSEN
Mon 6 Aug 2007 13:29
On Saturday the forecast was for light easterly winds turning south and southwest in the evening when a frontal system arrived. We had hoped to go fishing with Lasse's father Arne, but the southerly wind picked up earlier than forecast so we went for a walk with Pernille, David, Dea and Lasse to the Nordfoldvatn lake a few kilometers from Nordfold.
In the evening we were invited to a pot-luck garden party on the other side of the road, where Lasse's numerous uncles, aunt and cousins have a summerhouse. Initially the weather was fine, but then the front arrived and it started to rain. Within 10 minutes, a big plastic sheet was installed on top of some poles over the party area and the party could go on. Everybody was having a great time, in spite of the rain.
However, about 9 pm I slipped on a wet, grassy slope and must have fallen very badly, since I broke my right leg. Not really a bad fall at all, just a lot a bad luck. Pernille is a physiotherapist, and she quickly came to the conclusion that a bone was broken just above the ankle. Lasse's cousin Barbro made a few phone calls to locate the nearest doctor. Nordfold on a Saturday night is not the best place in the world to break a leg, so Sibylle and Angela had to drive around the crooked roads of Nordland all night.
First to 'lekevagten' in Innhavet (1 1/2h north) then to the emergency
at the hospital in Bodö where we arrived at 4 am. After the the xrays,
they confirmed that the smaller outer bone was broken about 10 cm above
the ankle and they put the lower part of my leg in plaster. We were all very tired when we went to bed about 6 o'clock in the morning at Lasse's fathers Arne's place in Bodö.
After a few hours sleep and lunch in town, we went to the airport to check whether I could still safely operate the rudder pedal and the toe brakes - no problem. So at least we can fly Honey Mooney home to Geneva and not abandon her in the far north.
What this means is that we will cancel most of the southbound visits and
in particular Siljansnäs where we were supposed to meet up with earthrounder Johan HAMMARSTRÖM and participate in the annual crayfish fly-in party at Siljansnäs airpark. Johan is busy building a house there.
On Sunday evening we met up with Pernille, David and Dea in the port of Bodö. They had taken the 'hurtigbåten' speedboat from Helnessund near Nordfold to Bodö to continue by train to Oslo. The boat trip to Bodö is only about 60 kilometers and takes a bit over an hour while by road it is 230 kilometers and takes about 3 1/2 hours.
So most likely we will fly to Vamdrup or Billund in Denmark on 7
August and stay with my mother and brother before visiting my daughters
in Copenhagen area.