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Date: 07 Aug 2007 23:21:00
Title: Swimming at Brenviksand, fishing in Nordfold fjord

It was gorgeous weather with blue skies and sunshine, light winds and temperatures forecast up to 25 degrees - perfect beach weather. So we met up with Lasse's numerous cousins, uncles, niece, Lasse's father Arne at the  beautiful beach at Brenvik, Brenviksand. The water was not exactly warm, but everybody except Flemming with the right leg in plaster went for a swim. First swim for Angela north of the arctic circle.
In the afternoon, we went fishing with Lasse, Arne, Kristel and her two boys. We caught about 25 sei (colin in french) and 2 large cod fish. In the evening Sibylle prepared a wonderful dish from one of the two cod fish which was accompanied by several bottles of wine. A great last day in Nordfold.

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