monday day8 gertha 5 antigua to azores

Mon 6 May 2019 10:59
31.26 N 57.40 W
The wind found us yesturday afternoon, we are now in about 15 knots and clear of the low winds that seperate the trade winds. Who knows what is ahead ; but normaly the wind is fairly reliable.
W will be turning for the Azores in a few hours when we cross 32N, looks like it will  be straight down wind.
The Duogen works after repair but vibrates, we need a new carbon drive shaft.
Having opened it up , it was obviouse the nut holding the shaft to  the generator was not fitted properly and worked loose,the screw backed out and ripped the end of the shaft. Poor construction for such a princaple component.
Hope that Trevor maybe able to coordinate Duogen with M.A.Y.S on Horta to ship a replacment for May 18 at latest
Hot yesterday, now we are in the wind the clouds have returned.
Food and water are holding up well.
Paul proves to be a good bird watcher, storm petrals last week, a lon tail bird with tern like wings was yesturday.