may 3or is it 4 mid atlantic

25.55 N 59.00 W
We are now sailing in winds about 10 knots, from east, anticipate a wind move to the north , when we will turn east.
Progress has been limited by a head sea that bashes us sideways, so more north in course than desired.
Now sea is down speed is no worse and more comfort.
High light of yesterday was one ship 9 miles away.
Fine sunrise with blue sky and fluffy clouds this morning.
Only casualty is Duogen, a bearing has failed.
We have a metal to metal noise coming from main aluminium tube , plus vibration. I will not be able to open untill it is calm, by which time to late to ship parts.
Trevor, can you email Duogen , bought from them 2 years ago, see if they can guess likly failure. If so Rik is flying from Holland on 17 May to meet us and he could bring out.