day 2 0r is it 3

41.35 N  24.14 W
When is a chicken leg a quail ?
The arty butchers in Horta dress up there chicken legs to look like quails, so when I am master chief and told to cook the chicken legs, I find I am cooking Quails.
Never cooked anything like it before , prob never again.
We can blaime Ric , because he is covering for 3 other people he has much responcibility.
Paul is our current watch, he has AIS linked to his book, makes a perfect combination.
Winds are light about 10 knots from the south west, we are aiming a bit north of the great cicle, whilst changing sail configuration, dead down wind or near it are always a chalange.
I am probably day2/3 grumpy lack of sleep.
If we dissapear it is because it is most likly that the USB cable to phone has died.
Will move to phoning in position at about midday UT, if trev coulds confirm best time and number.