Day 12 : 17.07N 44.39W

Elixir - Ovni
Richard Merrick
Fri 4 Dec 2009 11:32
Last night's early evening sky provided quite a show! A beautiful moonrise through streaks of thick cloud, accompanied by the solitary display of an electrictrical storm from one cloud that lasted until at least midnight! The rest of the sky was fairly clear and twinkling with the vast spread of the stars. The wind was warm and we were making slow but steady progress through the very light winds, at about 5 Knots over ground.
Andrew provided us with some perfect examples of his ongoing andrewisms over supper last night: When asked what are we aiming for, Brazil? - As a referance to our course over ground he responded by say, quite plainly, "More like Patagonia... I like the sound of Patagonia. I'd quite like to go there one day!" and continued with his agenda to hand! Later, during the same sitting on deck, we were disgusing how sailing in the southern oceans may differ form our balmy crossing of the Atlantic. A referance was made to how some sailors wear full dry suits down there as one should dress for the water that one may enter at certain times of the year. He pondered, purposefully for a moment and said " I think I'd rather stay up here. I prefer to sweating to shivering!" - Classic!
This morning's weather sent a timely reminder of home. Rain. Our first bought of consistant precipitation- so, let go fishing!! We put out two lines and without exaggeration, within 60 seconds, we had caught a lovely medium sized tuna!! Tonight, we shall eat like kings!! We put the lines back out immediately to score a second catch... That was an hour ago and life has returned to normal!
The winds over the last 24 hours haven't been as strong, so i'm afraid we will only achieve just over 130 Nm. Still that is over a 5 knot average in very light winds!
Elixir says she enjoyed her break and is kooking forward to the next descent gust!