Day 10 : 17.42N 40.35W

Elixir - Ovni
Richard Merrick
Wed 2 Dec 2009 18:38
Today has been an incredible days sailing, we have had what feels like an insane increase in temperature and Elixir's ship thermometer is hinting at 30 plus degrees down below but with the temperature has come absolutely perfect wind and we are racing hard, due West for St Lucia.
Our tactics have been to sail as far South as we could justify to ensure consistantly strong Eastery winds and this was a risk which has paid off. Our weather forecast is suggesting a huge area of calm winds just North of us and as we are sailing hard downwind our competitors are stuck in lighter confused winds. We hope this will give us a further edge and as we are consistantly covering 160 nm plus each day we are pleased with progress on board.
We have now got used to the substantial seas and the routine and we are all up and ready for sunrise each day to hoist the Spinaker and get the most out of our precious day light. Having said this, when the wind get's too strong we have to take the Spinaker down and change for a Genoa which is hard work for those on the bow considering Elixir is crashing down wave after wave.
It's very exciting stuff and to give you an idea of what it's like, I sat on the bow sprit today as we had the Spinaker flying, it was like no other roller coaster ride, as the sail catches the wind the front of the boat is lifted out of the water and she accelerates at what feels like an incredible rate. One minute you are meters above the water surface and the next she drops right down and your feet are plunged into the warm Atlantic sea.
Tomorrow we are aiming for 170 nm, let's hope we get there.
We have just found out the great news that the Irish International Rugby scene is looking solid and some (one) of Elixir's crew would like to congratulate them on some great Rugby.
Elixir continues to look after us well.