Monday 23rd nov

Mon 23 Nov 2009 18:21

Blonde Moment 1st Blog 2nd day out.


Hello to one and all from the Crew


Paul – Steve – Tom – Sue and Christine



Current position 25-49N 17-49E heading 230 blowing 5 to 6 but good fun if a little bumpy.

 Leaving Gran Canaria was great fun especially trying to jockey for a good start place. Steve was at the helm and we steamed ahead through the pack.even though he got the start point wrong.

 Food has been great with Sue and Chris preparing some top jolly meals. Paul is the skipper and knows everything it seems and Tom loves his sleep – Girls – Food and oh yes he’s the youngest at 18.

Paul did the trip in 19 days last time so we intend to beat that time and have had the usual “see you there behind us gags” with other crews but were all sure we can do it.

We all hope our family and friends who read this are well and not worrying (too much) about us.

If you have time please send us a message or 2 as always nice to receive emails – Sue has had 4 already with nil for the remainder of us !!

Not spotted any Whales – Dolphins or caught any fish yet but early days and will keep you all updated.


Cheers from the Crew.


Todays Blonde Moment award goes to Steve for being unable to find the start line  in Las Palmas - and asking where Pigeon Island was! He was looking at the wrong Chart and those in the know will have spotted that is in St Lucia! He also aled to remove the len cap from the binos and could not work out why he could not see..... however the cooking is greatness!