Mon 18 Aug 2008 17:24
10th August 2008    Madeira to Ilhas Desertas
Many thanks to Catia and Bruno for making our stay in Quinta do Lorde so easy.
A special permit must be acquired before leaving Madeira if you want to visit the 3 deserted (except for the warden who checks your permit) islands approx. 10 miles to the South.  A brisk sail (NNE 4/5) saw us approaching the anchorage, however, just as we were dropping the maiin a gust of 48 mph swept down from the steep volcanic cliffs and made life interesting (unable to flake sail beautifully as normally required to do!).  Anchoring was also entertaining as 2 attempts had to be made as the holding is very poor and the 3 buoys already taken.
If the sun had been shining and if the wind had eased slightly, I'm sure we would have enjoyed our stay, snorkelling around some caves and a walk on the main island, but as the gusts got stronger and stronger, we decided it would be more comfortable just to set sail fo Lanzarote than stay there overnight.