Mon 18 Aug 2008 19:12
12-13th August 2008  Isla Graciosa to Marina Rubicon, Lanzarote
As we approached Isla Graciosa a thick, grey cloud enveloped Lanzarote and if we hadn't been in t-shirts and shorts, you could have imagined yourself in the Western Isles of Scotland!  Anchor down, a cooked breakfast followed by 5 hours continuous sleep and Isla Graciosa looked much more inviting with sunlight on the four volcanic cones and people swimming from the beach.  However, the wind picked up overnight and we woke to another grey, cloudy morning.  So up came the anchor again and off we sailed towards Marina Rubicon five hours to the South averaging 6.5 knots downwind.  Surfing down long rollers, we were joined briefly by dolphins jumping through the waves!  On our way down the West coast, Lanzarote again disappeared in thick, grey cloud and the occasional spot of rain!
Marina Rubicon, Southern Lanzarote - final destination for the family crew!  Crew very happy with the lovely swimming pool, local market and the fresh milk for Mum's morning cup of tea (long life is brilliant, but we all missed fresh in cereal & tea).
We hired a car for a couple of days to see the main tourist sights, but were particularly impressed with Fire Mountain.
What pleased the skipper most was the minimum number of hours motoring and after our 850 mile trip from Lagos, Portugal we topped up with diesel and paid the bill of Euros 15.65!!!!!!  All in all we found the trip fun and glad that the day following our arrival, normal weather resumed and we have unbroken sunshine with a pleasant, cooling breeze.