Day 7 Leg 2

Wed 26 Jun 2019 19:32
. 155 miles sailed. AJ sailed under full main and full 150 percent jib for all of Monday afternoon and through the night. South winds became south southeast and then southeast before becoming east southeast through the night and into Tuesday morning. Winds were light and so sails were constantly trimmed to keep the boat moving. Just before midday on Tuesday we tensioned the jib halyard in anticipation of our course changing to a beat to windward. . Moments later the jib halyard broke and the huge 150 percent jib dropped to the deck and over the side into the atlantic ocean. Once successfully retrieved, although lying in a messy wet pile in the cabin l, the 90 percent heavy weather jib was hoisted to keep AJ wanderlust sailing. The incident cost AJ precious time as we manhandled the jib back to the deck. By 6pm it was flying again. AJ carried on north in east to east northeast winds. A glorious sunset