Day 5 Leg 2

Mon 24 Jun 2019 19:48
161 miles sailed. The fifth day racing began with AJ sailing under full main and reefed jib. The wind was at about 150 degrèes aft but the 2.5 meter seas made a spinnaker run unwise. aj proceeded fast during afternoon and evening under this sail plan. At about 10 pm with winds slackening a j returned to full 150 jib and headed to windward enough to keep jib full. We ran this configuration throughout the night. Soon after 8am on sunday morning we rethreaded the jib furl line which had chafed through yesterday and furled jib. Minutes later, with the now decreased wind and sea state, up went the blue spinnaker. The launch was good but the snuffer line had escaped and was atop the mast with the snuffer meaning aj had a very large kite up and the only retrieval method would be to letterbox underneath the main sail - a dubious prospect for a double handed team