Day 6 Leg 2

Mon 24 Jun 2019 20:31
151 miles sailed. Day six of racing began under blue spinnaker. The present west southwest winds allowed us to carry the kite all afternoon. As winds backed southwest,
aj headed north northeast continuing to make good speed in light airs under spinnaker. At 8 pm and prior to nightfall our plan was to drop blue kite and retrieve wayward snuffing line. We had set up for the letterbox drop earlier in the day in case we had to take blue spinnaker down with urgency. The drop did not go to plan. The kite halyard slipped and the blue spinnaker landed in the Atlantic ocean. The next hour was brute strength retrieval. Finally, the spinnaker was back onboard undamaged. We took the opportunity also to lower the main sail to where bolt rope was coming out of track and rehoist. That done,
aj was soon sailing again under red blue and yellow kite. We had gybed and headed east. The wind backed further south overnight allowing aj to make progress northeast. We continued under colourful kite