Day 6 – Ay Eufimia, Cephalonia

Matthew Hood
Sat 23 Jul 2011 22:13

Destination – Ay Eufimia, Cephalonia N38 18.10 E20 36.10

Had a lazy start, met a guy from the River Deben in a yacht called Determination. We left at 11:00 am for Ay Eufimia 14nm NW 4-5. No issues as Mum helmed whilst Dad cleared below decks. Upon arrival I practiced my mooring technique whilst Dad was on the anchor. Dad and Cameron swam to shore whilst Mum cooked lunch and then swam round the boat. The wind got up and flew the rubber ring off the boat and I rowed after it. Dad and I rowed to shore to restock supplies and purchase tea. We watched “I am number 4” and then bed.


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