Tuesday on Joy

Tue 4 Jun 2019 20:16
44:54.456N 14:50.449W

Not a very good transition last night, got stuck under a massive rain cloud. Very dark so no frame of reference, pouring down, and what precious little breeze there was seemed to be coming from all directions pretty randomly. Confused sea so sails flapping/slapping aimlessly... all very frustrating for a couple of hours. Eventually managed to get going, build some momentum/apparent, and get out out of there into building breeze the other side.

Today however has been fast two sail reaching: big breeze, big waves, and some lovely long spells of sunshine, awesome sailing. Been taking a lot of spray / water over the boat, so v.glad it’s warm and thank goodness for whoever invented the drysuit! Been having lots of fun playing with the waves, though may not be quite so fun in the dark when we can’t see them...

Looks like more of the same overnight and most of tomorrow, we’re pretty much pointing in the right direction so chewing up the miles. Are we nearly half way there yet...?