Day 5 updates

Sat 22 Jun 2019 06:27
Apologies for not doing an update yesterday, it has been fairly hectic on board!

We pushed the boat and ourselves pretty hard on Thursday night and were doing well but then sailed into a big wind hole so all our efforts were wasted. Oops.

Since then we've had everything from 10-35 knots of wind and all sorts of big shifts to react to. Add into the mix hours of torrential rain and it's made for an exciting (and hard) few days! Thanks Ian for lending me your drysuit, it's certainly made a difference!

Dad and I are still in good spirits. Have just had breakfast of granola with warm milk and coffee.

Currently trying to skirt along the edge of the depression, which seems to be going ok so far. The big spinnaker is now back up for another blast until we hit our next transition some time this afternoon.