Two more nights at sea (probably)

Mon 24 Jun 2019 15:02
Currently cruising along under the J1 trying to gain some distance to the east, as there is an uncomfortable looking easterly building over the next few days which we don't fancy punching into.

Not much to report from on board. Saw one ship earlier today. Exciting times. Lots of tidying, drying out clothes and catching up on sleep ready to push for the finish, which is looking likely to be some time Wednesday night. It's nice to watch the miles dropping away now and know that we're still up there near the front of the fleet.

Looking forward to "Mexican night" on board. Which I think consists of chilli and Spanish guitar music.

I'm feeling grateful for the short nights and bright moons. It makes everything a lot easier at night. Doesn't stop it being a nerve wracking experience though, especially when you're hammering along with the kite up and no idea what's in front of you. Anyway, I think we are likely done with spinnakers until the end of the race now.

Two more nights at sea (probably). It will be good to reconnect with reality again.