Less than 500 miles to go!

Sun 23 Jun 2019 08:44
Less than 500 miles to go! Crossed that milestone this morning which was nice.

Yesterday and last night has been lots of running with the A5 up in some fairly big seas which has been fun/stressful. Pace is pretty good, although I could do with getting a bit more sleep today as was on the helm a lot of last night. Partly because it was fun and partly because it's less stressful when you're directly in control (should that be "in control")

Life on board is good. Just had a wet wipe shower and a change of clothes so feeling very civilised. Fleetwood Mac blasting on the radio and breakfast eaten.

I'm hopeful that in the next day or so we'll have a fair idea of when we're likely to get into Falmouth and can start eating all the spare food...

One of the things we've noticed is how close to the weather you feel, very aware of every slight change in wind strength, direction or sea state.

No wildlife for a few days now, but we are a long way from any land!