Brief update from Joy

Mon 3 Jun 2019 17:32
46:47.21N 11:00.96W

Saw my first ever whale spurt/plume/blows a few hrs ago!! Several pilot(?) whales crossed our track about 1/4 mi ahead of us :) Also some great phosphorescence last night, which made the dolphin trails all glow in the dark

Since Saturday evening we’ve been bashing upwind which is a bit wet and unpleasant and makes everything on board rather difficult. Not been particularly cold though, which is good. Haven’t managed to get much sleep so far, couple of broken hrs Sat/Sun nights and a good couple of hours earlier today... fingers crossed for a calmer sea/motion tonight. Dave has been snoring like a champ though :)

Not seen any other boats or ships visually or on AIS for about 6hrs now I guess... just clouds and endless seas. Think we’re all headed west looking for transition to new NW wind, which will hopefully be late this evening & take us to the Azores!

Otherwise, all good in our little world, will be time to tackle some dinner soon