Day 4 -5

Malcolm McPherson / Rich Butterworth
Fri 3 Jun 2011 10:35
Position 27:27:0N 056:38:4W
Still headingNNW - NNE, Winds still light and variable.
Tuesday saw us leave the tropics behind or rather it didn't see us because we left under a shroud of grey skies and rain with very poor visibility.
Which was just when the only ships we've seen since leaving Antigua turned up, 5 in the space of 2 watches! Not for the first time, I'm grateful for the invention of Radar.
Since then the skies have cleared and the sunshine returned at dawn yesterday and has been with us since.
Our progress Northward although not fast is noticeable, the nights are now cooler, cool enough to make a fleece necessary, each night Polaris climbs a little higher above the horizon and the daylight hours grow longer.
At first the ocean seems like a featureless place there is some wildlife. We're often accompanied by birds which sometimes follow us for hours at a time. Atlantic spotted dolphins ride the bow wave, each dawn brings a new haul of flying fish on the deck (just in time for breakfast) and yesterday morning we witnessed the awe inspiring spectacle of a great whale breaching 400 metres from the boat, quite close enough.
The one thing all this diverse fauna has in common is that they seem to be invisible to cameras.
Time to sign off now, I can hear the sails calling for attention.
Crew of Sonas
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