Days 2 - 3

Malcolm McPherson / Rich Butterworth
Mon 30 May 2011 20:27
Position 22:34:1N 058:38:7W
Sill heading generally NNE
It's still hot during the days even through some very heavy rain squalls, Benedikt's example in  finding the most appropriate clothing to cope with the conditions has not been followed by James or myself.
You can see why.
Progress towards the Azores has been hampered by the generally light conditions but we have made steady progress with a few bursts of good speed when the wind does pick up and I'm still hoping to arrive around the 12th -14th.
James, our fishing "expert" has had the rod out during the day, the score so far being, fish 1, James nil. The fish scoring their point by swimming off with our best lure, this has spurred James into upping his game by putting out 3 lures on one line thereby increasing his chances of a catch, I did point out that it also increases the likelihood of a fish hat trick! but he remains optimistic that we will be having a fish supper soon.
Life on board has settled into an easy routine with watches being run as 3 hours on, 6 off, the watches pass quickly as we are kept focused on maintaining best speed through frequent tweaks to the sail trim and course to cope with the variable wind conditions. Yesterday I started showing James the rudiments of celestial navigation horizon to horizon cloud cover today has meant that we've had to put this on hold until we catch a glimpse of the sun again. 
All the best from the crew of Sonas.