Day 1

Malcolm McPherson / Rich Butterworth
Sun 29 May 2011 21:22
Escorted by a pair of dolphins we departed Falmouth harbour at 15:15 local time yesterday, and now are in posn 18:59:2N 60:29:6W.
Which means that we have covered over 150 miles since leaving, not bad really since there is a large area of relatively high pressure which is giving us some very light and variable breezes.
Consequently the engine has been chugging away almost continuously since leaving. On the plus side, that has allowed us to have the watermaker on long enough to fill the tanks and also to get the main fridge cold enough to explode Coke cans.
I'm glad to say that Shipwrights at Woodstock and the Riggers at Antigua rigging seem to have done an excellent job of the repairs carried out in Antigua, it's reassuring to have a solid deck and a furler which runs smoothly.
The fishing efforts have started and so far it looks as though scurvy is not going to be a problem as we seem to be very adept at catching sea vegetables. (No takers so far)
Apart from that everyone is settling back into the routine of life at sea and keeping a watch system.
Hey folks! First message of crew member Benedikt on Sonas: To my mother, my father, my sisters, the whole familiy and all the friends - it's an easy journey so far. I hope we will find more wind in the north. See you in July and all the best.