Does my stern look big in this?

Malcolm McPherson / Rich Butterworth
Mon 27 Jun 2011 13:47
Position: 37:52:4N 015:00:1W
Hello again. I trust you all enjoyed Rich's last blog entry. I for one am still getting over the hilarity of it. Well its hard not to when you are reminded of it every watch! Happy days :)
Its a lovely sunny day today and we are sailing along nicely thanks to the Portuguese trades. We must be looking good again, as another vessel swooped in for a look. This big CMA-CGM container vessel altered course to come and say hi. They would of passed around half a mile away but ended up slowing down about 30 metres off our starboard side. It was just about enough time for the officers and deck crew to wave and shout.  Then just as bizarrely as they had turned up, the captain floored it and returned to her original course. Weird.
Other than that, it looks like we will be arriving in Gibraltar in the next 3-4 days, where we will refuel and then onto Mallorca.
Until then!