Water, Water Nowhere 14:26.7N 53:10.5W

Sat 5 Dec 2009 03:00
Today, the 4th of December, was the day Sonar's crew discovered that the fresh water tank was dry. How had this happened? They had left Las Galletas with a full tank of 1000 litres plus. After a week at sea it still registered a full ten bars on the gauge,but fell to 9 bars on the tenth day and 8 bars on the following day. At this point they instituted water saving measures such as flushing the heads with sea water and cooking the tatties and rice in  50/50 sea water/freshers. To no avail! The bars diminished rapidly until on day 18 no bars were present. Where had it gone? who had used it?
    "Not me" said Ted sitting in his bath sipping red wine.
    "Not me " said Captain Ray standing in the shower downing a cold beer.
    "Not me" said John who was washing his clothes while drinking his 10th mug of tea that morning.
    So, the great water hunt was on. The crew searched high and low, but mostly low, in an attempt to find where it had gone. Not in the bilge, not in the lockers, not in the lazarette. It couldn't be traced. They just had to face it, it was all gone. What could be done? Ted volunteered that when he needed water at Glenhead, he drilled for it. The other two thought this was not a good idea. Ray said we could drink beer instead as we had a vast store of it on board. John enquired whether there was any dehydrated water in the dry goods locker. None of this helped.
    However, just in time, the three old codgers recovered from their sleep-deprived  memory loss and recalled that they had loaded ten 10 litre bottles of fresh water in Las Galletas the night before leaving. That would easily see them home and dry, or home and wet anyway. So all's well that ends well.
    "We could still drink beer instead" said Ray. All agreed!
JF December 2009