Rapid progress and the end in sight

Mon 19 Oct 2009 22:17
We have made very good progress over the last 24 hours - 155.2Nm according to the log! Only about another 180Nm to go. 
We still have not seen another vessel for 3 days, the VHF radio has been eerily quiet and we have only seen glimpses of AIS targets 10's of miles away - but as we get close to the traffic separation scheme between Tenerife and Gran Canaria no doubt all that will change.
The wind has now backed to the North/Northwest and we are almost on a dead run so the reaching speeds we had over the last 24 hours are unlikely to be sustained. However, the grib files tell us that it should veer back to the west tomorrow which would again help us on the last leg as we run down the western side of Lanzarote towards Las Gelletas. We have heard from Janet at the Club Sail sailing school in Las Gelletas and she has arranged a berth for us. It's such a great comfort to know we have somewhere definite to head for and someone to say hello to when we arrive.
We have not tried fishing again since Johns last spectacular success - we are trying very hard to eat up all the food we brought with us. This sailing is really hard work at times.
Finally I am pleased to announce that both the smelly old men on board had a very refreshing shower today. What a luxury that was!
John has been composing poetry and I hope to persuade him to publish it here - my own efforts are too dire to even put on paper and anyhow I can't think of any original rhyme for Albatross.
More later,