Fw: The Trans-Atlantic Leg

Tue 17 Nov 2009 09:56
Subject: The Trans-Atlantic Leg

The crew of Sonar (John Flood, Ted Andrews and Ray Bridges) have now been
busy in Las Galletas, Tenerife for the last three days getting Sonar
prepared for our trans-Atlantic voyage. Everything has gone reasonably well
with our preparations and we have just got back from a raid on a local
supermarket with a heavily loaded car full of food and wine fit
for a small army. Somehow we have managed to find somewhere to store it all
on board and hopefully we will be able to find most of it again.

We are planning on making our departure tomorrow morning - 17th November -
but will have to make a local port call to top up with fuel as there is no
diesel available in Las Galletas. We should be on our heading and waving
Tenerife goodbye by lunch time tomorrow.

The weather has been a bit odd today with uncharacteristically W or SW wind
but the forecast is for the normal pattern of N or NE trade winds to return
tomorrow to help us on our way. There seem to be a lot of boats all going
through the same process we are of preparing to head for the Caribbean. A
few have left already many more will leave later this week and the following
weeks. It will be fascinating to see how many others with similar intent we
encounter once we get under way.

We will start updating our progress report tomorrow where you can monitor our
progress again at ...


Meanwhile we are off for our last meal on terra firma for few weeks and Caribbean sunshine here we come!

Ray, John & Ted

Ray Bridges
Ph: 01189 340170
Mo:0797 497 5211