Shakwe Update No 8 Horta to Belfast

Tue 4 Sep 2012 14:58
As at 1200 hours UTC  4 September
Position: N48 24 58     W014 20 58                                    Distance run over 24 hours: 116 NM
Sorry for delayed output. Experiencing strong winds and needed to get sorted. We've been motoring since yesterday and through most of the night with a light quarterly run keeping the speed up but this morning it went through 180 degrees and increased. Put main up and started to beat towards Ushant but wind increased further so tried to tack but even with engine on full blast couldn't get her through the eye. Furled jib and dropped main. Sent for new forecast but not good. New high forming and we're on the worst side of it. Will probably try to work round it and get to top where westerlies might get us up the west coast of Ireland. Fuel low and increased revs means an increase in the leak makes motoring a bad option. Looks like a 2 - 3 day delay.