Shakwe Update No 4 Horta to Belfast

Fri 31 Aug 2012 12:04
As at 1200 hours UTC 31 August
Position: N44 47 23   W023 40 09                                    Distance run over 24 hours: 116 NM
Had a good sail but only lasted about 18 hours then went light. Mainsail slatting and banging in the swell was uncontrollable with a poor kicker and was handed this am. Proceeding at nearly same speed without it! It's becoming a hard trip with lack of sleep. We've been keeping to the west of the rhum line in the hope of keeping the wind but it's adding to our journey time. Can see a nasty little depression to sw on yesterday's forecast. As the high is dissipating, I hope it doesn't come our way. 
The engine can be used but I am nursing it for when we really can't do without it. I think that we will need lifted out immediately on arrival at Carrick. Rory told me he was choc a bloc but I hope he can find me a spot for the time it takes to replace one or both bearings and possibly a polishing of the bearing surfaces as these might be a problem.
William, I need your email address as my list is held on hotmail's computor which is inaccessible offline. Send me a blank email to  shakwe {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com and outlook express will store it on this computor. emails without any attachments, pictures or photos seem pretty quick to up/download with compression programme
Oul Grumpy Jim and Happy Jim