Shakwe Update Horta to Belfast

Wed 12 Sep 2012 14:52
Last blog had us heading for Kinsale to avoid a forecasted force7 with higher gusts on the Irish Sea issued by the Irish Met Office. We safely entered Kinsale Harbour and tied up at the pontoon at Castlepark Marina (recommended by our friend and fellow Tot Club member, Noel Ruigrock of Rush) and waited for further forecasts. Internet on the pontoon was poor (is it ever anything else!!!) but my brother gave us his view and as it wasn't favourable we decided to travel by bus (yesterday) to allow Jim time to visit Belfast before returning home to w**k.
Shakwe should now be on a mooring put there by the extremely helpful marina staff. With only 300 miles to go it was a hard decision but hopefully, I'll find a way to get her home very shortly.
Internet AIS requires a shore based receiver within the range of the vessel and it seems that there is none close by so Shakwe is invisible at the moment.
More when kniown but will send hotmail first.
Oul Grumpy and (returning to normal) Happy Jim